Tweets from a public sector convention

In March 2011 I attended the International Public Sector Convention 2011 held by CPA Australia.  I took the opportunity to play with twitter and tweeted my first conference.  You can follow me on twitter here.

I am not sure why, but now when you search my hash tag, #cpaipsc2011, there are no results.  So, to preserve my tweets I have set them out below.

11 March 2011

  • Nicholas Gruen says markets let you ask the Spice Girls question: Tell me what you want what you really really want? #cpaipsc2011
  • Peter Thompson says that CPAs are storytellers with numbers. We need to be able to communicate at the human level. #cpaipsc2011
  • Alex Malley CPA @cpaaustralia jokes there are 2 types of people : CPAs and those that want to be CPAs #cpaipsc2011
  • Darrin Grimsey – if infrastructure is working it is silent. We are surrounded by a silent world which supports us. #cpaipsc2011
  • Ben Peacock shows us a video by Dan Pink on Drive –… #cpaipsc2011

10 March 2011

  • Listening to Ben Peacock –
  • Interesting observation – I have spent some quality time with my NT colleagues, time we don’t spend when we are home in Darwin#cpaipsc2011
  • Time to settle down with friends, some new and some old, and enjoy the conference dinner. An amazing setting here at the MCG.#cpaipsc2011
  • @cpaaustralia #cpaipsc2011 Another big day with some valuable lessons and a dash of inspiration. Simon Brown-Greaves was a stand out today.
  • @cpaaustralia #cpaipsc2011 Fergus Welsh from New Zealand says a quality public sector is vital for society.
  • Simon Brown-Greaves on leadership: cartoon – “Our employees are our greatest asset. I say we sell them.” #cpaipsc2011
  • Check out the Royal Australian Navy Leadership Ethic –… #cpaipsc2011
  • Better practices in corporate areas = more money for frontline services. Obvious?Yes, but delivery requires clarity of outcomes#cpaipsc2011
  • Public Service has always been innovative. Innovation is not a new concept and remains vital to meet the challenges ahead#cpaipsc2011
  • Ian Fitzgerald believes the Heads of the PS have a stewardship role to ensure the PS meets the demands of today and the future#cpaipsc2011
  • Patricia Kelly says the Public Sector innovation matters as it underpins broader economic success. #cpaipsc2011
  • Colin Pidd predicts that there will be less focus on accountability and more focus on responsibility. #cpaipsc2011
  • In talking about the future Colin Pidd said that best practice is on the way out. It is not the best place for innovation. #cpaipsc2011
  • Quote Day 1: Colin Pidd “computers are like fruit, they rot on the shelves if not sold within 6 months” #cpaipsc2011
  • Quote Day 1: “working in the public sector will be like walking through treacle” yet John Collington feels he has achieved more#cpaipsc2011
  • In Melbourne attending the International Public Sector Convention 2011 run by CPA Australia #cpaipsc2011

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